Welcome to the Women's Parka YVES SALOMON selection. Discover our collection of top-of-the-range parkas for women. Our models combine elegance and comfort, with particular attention paid to detail and the quality of the materials used. We offer a wide range of women's parkas, from the women's hooded parka to the short parka, or even the lined parka or women's mid-length parka. Combining natural materials and technical fabrics, discover our selection now or let yourself be tempted by our ranges of coats and women's down jackets

The different types of Yves Salomon Women's Parka Coat

Parka Coat for Women

Our collection of parka coats for women is designed to meet the demands of modern women, who seek the perfect balance between style and functionality. Our iconic parkas are available in a variety of colours, styles and sizes to suit everyone's needs. Opt for our women's parka coat to face the winter weather with style.

Women's Winter Parka

Our women's winter parka is designed to offer you protection against the natural elements while remaining elegant and sophisticated. The quality materials used in the manufacture of our parkas are resistant to water, wind and snow. With our essential women's winter parka, you are ready to face the most extreme weather conditions without neglecting your look. We invite you to discover our luxurious models of long parka, or let yourself be tempted by our range from short parka, designed to flatter the silhouette while guaranteeing adequate warmth.

Women's Hooded Parka

Our women's hooded parka is a winter must-have. With its hood lined with natural fur or shearling, it effectively protects you against bad weather. Our models are available in different colors and sizes, to adapt to all morphologies and all styles. Choose our women's hooded parka for a look that's both chic and casual.

Women's Fitted Parka

Our women's fitted parka is designed to enhance your silhouette while offering you optimal protection against the elements. Our fitted models are designed to bring technicality to your daily wardrobe. Perfectly suited to both urban needs and your outdoor adventures, the parka is your luxury winter ally. Adopt our women's fitted parka for an elegant and feminine look.

Women's Mid-Length Parka

Our mid-length women's parka is a stylish alternative to the classic parka. With its mid-calf length, it gives you extra protection against the cold. Our models are available in a variety of colors and finishes to suit all tastes and needs. Our mid-length women's parka will be perfect for a sophisticated, luxurious and chic look!

Women's Lined Parka

Our women's lined parka is designed to offer you optimal protection against the elements. Luxuriously lined with natural fur, fox fur, rabbit fur or even shearling, it remains a timeless part of the winter wardrobe for unfailing warmth and comfort, while remaining elegant. Don't resist the softness of our fur-lined parkas and keep yourself warm with to the particularity of this exceptional natural material.

How to wear your Yves Salomon Women's Parka all year round?

In order to enjoy your Yves Salomon Parka all year round, we advise you to remove the fur lining or the shearling lining from your parka on sunny days. You can then enjoy your parka outside on the warmer days of the Spring-Summer season. We recommend that you store your liner in a dry place away from light and avoid folding it to prevent hair loss and deformation of the skins. You can also contact our Customer Service to find out more about the conditions of Garde Estivale

How to accessorize your women's parka?

In order to perfect your style and enjoy a trendy winter look, we recommend that you accessorize your parka with a colorful woolen hat, a fox fur trapper hat or one of our removable hoods in shimmering colors.

How to take care of your Women's Parka?

In order to take care of your Yves Salomon Parka in the best possible way, we advise you to entrust your lining and your fur hood collar to a fur specialist. The exterior of your parka can be entrusted to a dry cleaner specializing in high-end pieces.

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